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Pedestrian Trail

Quinta Nova Luxury House Winery offers a pedestrian circuit with 3 different routes, properly signed, in a certified total trail of 8 km's. With a map and a list of conduct rules, clients are able to enjoy this activity, knowing a wine estate to detail, highlighting its historical points. And, crossing the orchards, make sure you pick some fresh fruit!

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Circuit without monitoring | Take a fruit baskets from the Reception | Wailking trail Map (pdf file) 

Train Tours

The train journey follows the Douro river and you can discover the most emblematic estates in the region, its vineyards and traditional painted walls. From the Ferrão halt, next to Quinta Nova, you can leave to other stations, with the support of our transfer. + info

Ferrão is a Douro line halt, from where you can follow to stations like Pinhão, Pocinho, Régua or Porto, among others | The trip Porto - Ferrão takes about 2 hours | Transfer available under notice and for a maximum of 4 people / travel | More information at  

Boat Tours

The landscape of the Douro slopes, seen from the river, is a unique experience only possible through boating. In classic boats, yachts or sailboats, you can organize short trips, or take trips with meals and wine tasting on board or picnics with dive time. And the combination with Quinta Nova is easy because the boat can moor at the pier with direct access to the property. + info

Tours subject to reservation and carried out by water partners | Regular trips from Pinhão | Personal tours from Ferrão pier (5min away from Quinta Nova) | Minimum time: 1h30 | Transfer available under notice and for a maximum of 4 people / travel 

Helicopter Tours

In the world there are unique places that deserve to be enjoyed from the sky. Immerse yourself in the valleys covered with vineyards, carved in a peculiar way, and the multitude of slopes that lead us to the border with Spain. Dare to an unforgettable helicopter tour.
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Tour under reservation | Regular and tailor made trips from Douro or Porto | The Quinta Nova heliport is available with advance notice 

Historical Tours

Ever heard of Lamego Sanctuary or Lazarim Carnival? The old bakery in Provesende, or Magellan birthplace? Perhaps the Salzedas Monastery or the S. Leonardo Galafura viewpoint. Certainly the Coa Valley, UNESCO World Heritage ... There are numerous possible visits in the region to fill a few days of your stay.
Unhurried and with open heart, there are lots of great places to share.
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The tours may include driver, guide, tickets / tickets and meals | Under reservation 

Special Activities

There is a wide range of activities for groups, which can be thought in a tailor made mode, with our partners in the region.

. Jeep tours, on and off road, through Ferdinand Magellan land, along points of historical or ethnographic interest.
. Mobile Spa, which can be installed for massages and treatments, for leisure or relaxing and romantic moments.
. Golf, because Quinta Nova is in a central position between 3 mountain courses: Amarante, Viseu and Vidago.

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