Winery Restaurant - Wine Experiences

Wine Experiences

Wine Experiences

In a winery restaurant the wine tastings could not be forgotten as well as the opportunity to navigate along the tradition of different segments.
The wine experiences are well integrated into the Chef’s creations and almost mandatory for those who visit us. Try the winemaker's suggestion or choose in the wine list. We promise a remarkable experience.
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Service available in the Restaurant and Bar | Winemaer's Suggestion or wines by the list (glass, bottle and magnum) | At the shop you can find, at special prices, the wines tasted in the restaurant. 

Bottle Opening with hot tongs

The opening of Vintage Port bottles with a heated tong is a traditional practice in older wines, which creates very differentiating moments.
Be sure to request this service in addition to a meal, choosing a bottle of a very special year for you.

Producer Wines

The concept of a Winery Restaurant bring clients to an engagement with the wine producer, with its winery and its wine-making practices. At Conceitus we have an excellent collection of wines in the list, with producer prices, and the sympathy to serve the clients’ private bottles with no additional corkage fee. 
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