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Our wines talk about our land.

The unique identity and personality of each vintage has been preserved for over 20 years by Ana Mota, who since 2000 has overseen the massal selection of vines at Quinta Nova and has in-depth knowledge of the 41 vineyard lots of our terroir. This touch of generosity and mixture of tradition and technology always proceeds hand in hand with the winemaking skills of Jorge Alves, an experienced team who guarantee profound respect for the historical heritage of the Douro valley and the reputation of this great region.

Aeternus, a tribute

By virtue of the classic traditions of the region, the sophistication of its character and imminent longevity, we can confidently affirm that this is a unique wine. Brimming with energy and with a rich history, it’s shaped by feelings. We have extracted the finest elements from the Douro’s solid schist rocks! Aeternus offers the strength, tenacity and greatness of eternal wines, based on the combination of perseverance, indigenous grape varieties from centuries-old vines, and the desire to create a unique wine!

Quinta Nova, authentic and rare wines

The wines from Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo have an authentic and rare structure, fruity aromas and a high concentration of colour. They reveal an elegant complexity in the aromas tasted in the mouth. With unparalleled balance, they masterfully reflect the exclusivity of the estate’s Terroir.

Mirabilis, the true charm of nature

The name comes from Latin and means "something wonderful". It is also the name of a flower from the subtropics of the Americas. These wines are born from a tremendous desire to go further. The preservation of viticulture traditions and innovation of winemaking techniques result in sublime, precise and highly sophisticated wines, that reveal the excellence of the grapes.

Grainha, the grape seed

Grainha wines have a rich bouquet, are complex on the nose, concentrated, well structured in the mouth and have good aging potential. What makes these wines so unique? From the grape seed we can extract proteins, condensed tannins, aromatic extracts, ethanol and lignin, that are essential compounds for a balanced wine, in terms of its colour, aroma, body and longevity.

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